Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Email Spoofing

"Email spoofing" is a term used to describe fraudulent emails in which the sender's address and other parts of the email header are altered to appear as though the email originated from a different source. In short, spoofing is a counterfeit email with stolen email addresses used without the knowledge of the real address.

Spoofing is a technique commonly used by spammers and scammers using phishing to hide the real origin of an email message. By changing certain properties of the email, such as the "From", "Return-Path" and "Reply-To" fields, these criminals can make the email appear to be from someone other than the actual sender.

Typically, they use phishing and spoofing to get personal information from you in order to steal your identity. Pretending to be from a legitimate retailer, bank, or government agency, the sender asks to “confirm” your personal information for some made-up reason: your account is about to be closed, an order for something has been placed in your name, or your information has been lost because of a computer problem.

The most common use is to send an email appearing to be from a bank asking you to go to its site (with the link provided) to reenter your most personal information. The link takes you to a bogus website and capture your information and use this information to transfer money from your account.

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