Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Future of email in question????

The Times of India today published an article which clearly describes the future of email is in trouble. The gist of the report is given below.

With more and more teenagers switching to instant messaging and social networking sites for speedy communication, email could be extinct within a decade, says a new report. Although inboxes are still filling up daily all over the world, experts believe emails are dying out because they are too slow, too inconvenient and simply not fashionable any more.

The study conducted by TalkTalk in Britain found only 51% of the Britons in their teens or early twenties using email as their first means of communication. Experts reckons people prefer the "one and done" style of message, which is where a short message can be sent to all contacts at the same time. The study also reveals that email has already become "grey mail" with the most devoted users are middle aged or old aged. 98% of people in the age group of 65 or more and 96% of those aged 45-64 are regularly using email as their mode of communication in Briton.

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