Monday, October 4, 2010

Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are the newest form of warfare!! It is true. An article published in The Hindu dated 04/10/2010 by Mr. Peter Beaumont confirms this. The article says an attack aimed at an Iranian nuclear plant and a recently revealed 2008 incident at a US base show the spread of cyber weapons. The gist of the article is reproduced below:

A deliberate computer worm attack was happened in the computer system of the U.S military's central command which would take 14 months to eradicate. The Modus Operandi was, worm infected memory sticks were scattered in the bathroom at a military base of U.S with a hope in the human error. Somebody picked up the memory stick and used in the computer system which resulted in infection of worm to the computer network.

Like wise an attack of worm has happened in an Iranian nuclear reactor which delayed the commissioning of the reactor.

The full story is available in The Hindu daily, dated 04th October 2010.

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